Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 16.03.39DeskGen: create custom gene-editing software used by professional bio-technology companies. We developed a prototype DNA search system with the possibility of increasing the speed of search results across large data sets including the human genome. We worked with ex-Sony engineers in order to transfer knowledge from the games industry into bio-tech.
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UCL Hospital: We are part of an ongoing project in collaboration with the department of Psychology at Goldsmiths and the Centre for Neurorehabilitation based at University College London. Our tech is being used to create hardware and software for stroke survivors to manage self-rehabilitation in their own homes.

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Performance and Wellbeing: provide professional coaching services for businesses and individuals seeking to achieve sustainable performance improvements in their professional lives. We created an online coaching support system that worked across all platforms including desktop and all mobiles, allowing clients to log their performance given a set of tasks defined dynamically or in collaboration with an online coach.
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Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 17.33.51Such and Such: are a design company that focuses on making bespoke objects for life-style enhancement. We created an online user-centred collaborative platform that allows Such&Such to gather evidence about how users interact with their prototypes. Data from the user is directly fed back into a web interface where it can be analysed.

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Neurocoach – ZenZone Interactive: We undertook a short term consultancy in order to assist this company in the development of their brain computer interface life-coaching mobile apps. We also gave them access to our existing research results exploring the potential of brain computer interfaces in Virtual Reality environments.

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Nokia-LogoMicrosoft Nokia: We tested new brain-computer interface software on new Nokia mobile devices to explore the potential for brain-based mobile interaction.

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